Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dmagazine list of best doctors in Dallas

These Doctors are a few of the physicians in Dmagazine's Annual List of "Best Doctors in Dallas" for 2008

Hand Surgery
Michael V. Doyle, MD
W. Dennis Stripling, MD

Infectious Disease
Mirza S. Hasan, MD
Allison M. Liddell, MD
Gabre K. Tseggay, MD

Jeremy W. Denning, MD
John M. Desaloms, MD
Richard H. Jackson, MD
Richard L. Weiner, MD

James Merritt, MD

Orthopedic Surgery
Michael Champine, MD
John S. Early, MD and another bio
Michael M. Katz, MD
James B. Montgomery, MD
Scott O. Paschal, MD
John Racanelli, MD
Timothy Schacherer, MD
Robert Scheinberg, MD
William Tucker, Jr., MD

Ford D. Albritton, MD
Evan S, Bates, MD
Bradford Gamble, MD
John R. Gilmore, MD
Gary P. Goldsmith, MD
Stephen A. Landers, MD
Presley M. Mock, MD
Gregory Rohn, MD
Pain Management
Charles Banta, MD
Robert R. Bulger, MD
Kenneth Reed, MD
Renaud P. Rodrigue, MD
James Sterling, MD
Kelly R. Will, MD

Cosmetic/Reconstructive Surgery
Gregg M. Anigian, MD
C. “Spencer” Cochran, MD
Jack P. Gunter, MD
Fred L. Hackney, MD
Patrick L. Hodges, MD
Hamlet Newsom, MD
Todd A. Pollock, MD
Patrick H. Pownell, MD
Bryan H. Pruitt, MD
Steven J. White, MD

Evan L. Cohn, MD
Paul H. Ellenbogen, MD
Cynthia S. Sherry, MD

Spinal Surgery
John H. Peloza, MD

James Cochran, MD
Brian A. Feagins, MD
Joshua K. Fine, MD
Steve M. Frost, MD
Pat Fox Fulgham, MD
L. Michael Goldstein, MD
Michael B. Gross, MD
Keith T. Kadesky, MD
Meredith Lightfoot, MD
Donald McKay, MD
Mitchell Moskowitz, MD
Robert C. Schoenvogel, MD
Matthew D. Shuford, MD
John R. Ware, MD
Matthew L. Wilner, MD